Vote for Verlagsstarter!

As you might know already, we -that's my partner, me and a bunch of friends- are building up a publishing house. Publishing house meaning books but books meaning not only books. We spent too much time surfing not to recognize the greatness of the open access --> open everything culture of the web and are really trying to involve the concept and finding something which pays of all contributors nevertheless.
Alright, whats the topic. What happened: we got nominated. We got nominated by Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra, stART09 conference and Upload Magazine for stART.hilfe - if we succeed, we'd have enough to start our first interactive project / book.

So, what's there to do: please visit the poll and vote for Verlagsstarter (thats our name until we have our logo finished...)

The concerts of the orchestra with which they contribute to one web 2.0 culture project will take place on wednesday and thursday, voting is possible till 2nd june.

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