Book Bag from Bogota via Basel

Visiting friends close to Basel 10 days ago we had the chance to check out the "shopping zone" of this lovely place before falling asleep on the Rhine terrace ;-) - due to deadlines and a very early flight we didn't sleep the night before our holiday started. But it was worth it! Strolling through the little streets we found a very nice place for coffee and "kipferl" and this incredible bag:

Well doesn't that look like a

lifejacket, yes that's it and I brought it to Berlin - just in case we have more strong rain like today...
We found it at a very nice store called Primecut, designed by dci arte in Bogotá. If you ever visit Basel, check it out!
(second best thing: i got it for free - but thats another story :-)


Comella hat gesagt…

Interesant blog.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Oh it's cool this bag. And it's even yellow.
Marsupial Barbara